The world is changing.

Are you creating a positive future for our children?

Universal Basic Resources is a new technology platform to connect you with digital tools, resources, and a community of change makers.

We help our members effectively manage and make a difference in the challenges of climate change, income inequality, and advanced technology.

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You already know that the world is changing

Making a difference in this confusing and challenging landscape is difficult. The little things like recycling and turning off the lights aren’t cutting it anymore - but what else can you do?

Creating a better future for our children is going to take some work.

The good news is that the tools, resources, and technology already exists - for everyone to live in a utopian society. You just need to connect to the right community, to learn the simple actions you can take to make a difference.

The Universal Basic Resources platform contains:

  • Resources and trainings for managing and adapting to change
  • Access to difference-making products and services for the new paradigm
  • The latest news on creative solutions from around the world
  • Coaching and personal support to help you thrive in these difficult times
  • A like-minded community of others committed to leading the change for a better world

I created the Universal Basic Resources platform so that individuals would have the opportunity to actively participate in creating a brighter future for the world.

No more waiting for governments and regulators to push through changes - we can all participate in positive change right now.

I have two sons - and they used to ask me, “What are you going to do to make sure we have a future?” If we don’t take action now, while we still have the chance, who are we going to answer to?

It’s my hope that this revolutionary platform will provide you with everything you need to contribute positively in our changing world.

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